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The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291


Sylvie Steinbach has been a celebrity intuitive and life coach for over 25 years with a private practice in Los Angeles and clients from all over the world; she has been part of Mystic Journey since 2009 as her second location on the Westside.

Sylvie authored the best-seller “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle” in 2007 and just published in 2018 “The Secrets of the Belline Oracle” focused on a French national heritage, the Belline cards held at the Museum of Marseille, France. She is an international teacher with online classes on the Lenormand and the Belline.

Born with the gift, Sylvie Steinbach uses her famous Lenormand cards to trigger clairvoyant and spiritual input. When performing an intuitive session, she will first share her impressions before answering any inquiry, unless instructed otherwise. Her predictions are uncanny, down to Earth and consistently accurate; they are meant to be verified within weeks or months, and recording her reading is highly suggested.

Sylvie can act as a medium upon request in a separate one hour session to provide support in solving any mystery around a passing or to offer closure at a time of grief.

Sylvie’s heritage includes respected psychics and freemasons and she started her esoteric studies at the age of 11. She learned astrology under the Rosicrucians’ fellowship in her native France and she discovered she could see karmic patterns in natal charts, allowing her access to the past lives, the life purpose and the soul’s journey of each client. She went on to host a radio show on Karmic Astrology with great success before continuing her education in the United States.

Karmic Astrology is a one-time session relying on the natal chart to unlock the soul’s design before incarnation. It reveals the previous life experiences that the client is relying on to fulfill its life purpose, as well as the main outlines of this present life. Such a session requires a two hour commitment to go over all the information. The only requirement is to have an exact time of birth.

Sylvie Steinbach’s integrity and professionalism brought her praise and a loyal clientele base for almost 3 decades.

Hello Sylvie. You may not remember me, you did a telephone reading for me a few months back. So far your accuracy has been 100%.

D. L. Sydney, Australia

Dear Sylvie, I heard from Gary about your reading. He was very much impressed and advised me to ask you for a reading for myself.

B. G. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thank you Sylvie for our reading today, it was most elucidative and helpful to me. I am going to write about you on my blog! I look forward to our next session.

J. C. Los Angeles
The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

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