Stephanie Harris

Akashic Records
The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291


Stephanie is a psychic/medium, professional Akashic Records Practitioner and a Spiritual Wellness Consultant, specializing in Akashic Records and Past Life Completion readings. Stephanie is also proficient in the use of Tarot.

Clients say sessions with Stephanie are amazingly insightful and meaningful while also being light, fun and empowering. Stephanie believes it is each person’s inherent right in life to be happy, joyous and free.

Accessing information on an energetic level, sessions with Stephanie facilitate a shift, and the release of energetic blocks, resulting in peace and solution with chronic, current life challenges. Sessions with Stephanie also allow the releasing of inherited dysfunctional/detrimental/sabotaging patterns of consciousness that developed over previous lifetimes and no longer serve the individual in this life time.

She has been involved in Spiritual Studies and the Human Potential Movement for the past 30 years and is a California State Accredited Clairvoyant through the Clearsight Clairvoyant Training program, a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner through the Center for Akashic Studies and a California Certified Substance Abuse Counselor through CSUDH. Stephanie is also a Facilitator for the “Embracing Your Power Woman” course.

Stephanie has trained extensively with the following individuals; Hollister Rand, Lisa Williams and Robert Brown; all three world renowned Psychic/Mediums. Barbara Schiffman; Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Advanced Practitioner. Shawn Randall; Internationally known Channel and Teacher. Carol Gurney; Professional Pet Communicator. Judy Nelson and Levanah Shell Bdolak; Instructors at Clearsight. Carrie Brooks; Creative Director at True Insight. Cody Edner; Owner of Intuitive Vision. Barbara Wilder; Acclaimed author of “Embracing Your Power Woman”.

A deep and most heart felt thank you for my reading just now. That was one of the most profound and enlightening experiences of my life. My heart feels so light and clear, and I am so grateful to you and your incredible gifts. Thank you. Thank you!


Recently I had my first ever Tarot reading, because I felt I needed some help/guidance at a decision making point in my life. I am so glad I picked Stephanie to do the reading for me. I didn't start with a question (although I had a burning one, but the sceptic in me didn't want to reveal it right away) instead I asked her to just tell me whatever comes. She blew my mind with the first sentences she said, cause they were the exact answer to my inner question, very accurate and specific and helpful. The rest of the reading brought even more clarity and trust and really calmed me down in this turbulent phase of my life. Stephanie is a very gifted and warm person. I highly recommend her.


As an intuitive healer, and fellow brother in light (, I must say that Stephanie has the gift. She displayed evidence after evidence that our loved ones are indeed wanting to speak with us from the other side. It is difficult for anyone to deny the evidence when it's right in front of their face. I recommend a meeting with Stephanie; keep an open heart and mind - let your own unique experience give you the peace you deserve.

Dr. Theo Kousouli
The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

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