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The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

-Writer for “Beauty and Entertainment Magazine” of the Monthly Horoscopes and her advice column ‘Dear Solaris.’
-Listen to her weekly radio show on CBS, the “Zodiac Girls” every Tuesday Night at 8pm PST on – Detroit at 104.3 HD3, Boston 98.5 HD3, WDSY 107.9 HD3 Pittsburgh, and in Seattle at 96.5 HD3.

Solaris has been practicing Astrology for over ten years and is devoted to helping people embrace the love and light. Following her intuition and education, she sees the galaxy like a map where she can help unravel the mysteries of the heart and the mind. Studying for years under the direct tutiledge of Spiritual Psychic and Master Astrologer, Josephine Alvarez, she has absorbed the wisdom and understanding to help clarify the gifts inside each of us. She specializes in healing love relationships of all kinds, elevating each persons own spiritual awareness, self-improvement, and serenity. If you feel like you are a person who would like some new beginnings in your life or to discover more about someone you love, then this is perfect for you!

In your reading, she can describe your personality, your interests, why you react in certain ways to certain situations, what is coming up for you in the future, what has happened in your recent past, what happened in your past lives, and what challenge you set up for yourself to overcome in this life. She can also compare your chart to your lovers chart. You can learn how compatible you are and in what ways. By finding out more about who they are, it will increase your understanding of their motivations. By learning this, you can heal and improve all of your relationships.

I have never had a friend like you that listens to me and gives me encouragement. Your reading you gave me a few months ago really gave me so much Hope to hold on to about my Southern Comfort and I. Everything you said was right, the connection me and mysouthern comfort have, you even knew that and alot of people dont believe that a girl and guy can have a spirtual connection like that. I believe everything you said and I could feel in my heart that all that was real. You know alot that i didn't even tell you esp alot about me and my southern comfort. Thank you. You're an amazing person and an amazing friend. Your reading gives me so much Hope esp when I get sad and think I wont ever have my southern comfort in my life again.

Dana Williamston, SC

Solaris has a real gift!!! Whenever I am wondering something, I can always look to her to give me incredible, accurate insight. If I'm upset about something, or something is not quite right, she will call me before I even tell her, then she has the ability to get me through and see that it will not always be this way... she sees positive change in the future. You know what's crazy.... she's always RIGHT!!!!! I am so lucky to have Solaris in my life, and if you are reading this, you are lucky to have come across a woman with some real talent and I wouldn't hesitate to make use of her abilities to better your own life! Just talk to her... you'll see what I mean!

Lisa Clearwater, FL

Solaris, thanks for the astrology reading. I was amazed at how the reading was truly me!! It explained a lot of aspects of my life at the present as well as how I got to be who I am today. It was fascinating. I definitely will be a regular customer. Thanks!

Judy Acton, MA
The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

If you are interested in booking this reader for an off site event, please send an email to: