Intuitive Reading
The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291


Nita is a powerful medium with all senses on (clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc), even smell! She has been communicating with cosmic beings since early childhood. She has been growing her intuitive muscles from past lives, present life experiences, and various trainings. Nita opens healing space to help shift energy around within places that need assistance. She uses palmistry, tarot cards, and primarily channels; people, places, and situations in detail, and accuracy. Nita can also scan for ailments intuitively and through palmistry.

Nita’s specialty is to work with Star Seeds, helping them with their life purpose and healing. Nita deliveries messages with compassion and offers practical insights from love, career, friendships, and family issues. She has an uncanny way of seeing hidden fortuity and specific timing. Clients are free to decide their own course of action. Nita believes she is only the conduit and works only with love and light! She has a delicate way of assisting subtle shifts in one’s perspective around struggles one maybe facing.

“Life is full of choices and moments. We are free to redirect our lives at any moment!” 
- Nita

Nita firmly believes in non-judgement. “We don’t know another’s path, and purpose nor their contract for their soul’s evolution.”

“Love is our natural state of being”
 - Nita

Nita is a Family Constellation Facilitator, founded By Bert Hellinger. She calls it psychotherapy with spiritual twists! It’s an incredibly effective way to heal past lives and transcend through reoccurring negative entanglements plaguing one in this lifetime. Nita’s natural intuitive abilities enable her to see invisible internal dialogues, and assists with gently releasing them. Clients leave feeling empowered, and go on to actualize their dreams! Living through freedom and self-love instead of fear can transcend all areas of one’s life! Ask about a session with Nita.

“When we serve our purpose, we serve many others’s purposes!” 
- Nita


Nita held unbelievable space, I felt like I was held in a bubble of love. She helped me with some well seeded stories and wounds I had been carrying for years! I knew I needed help and I got it! She used the Family Constellation work along with all her other gifts. The work is so simple but the strength of it carried me to heal many hurt parts. I felt the shifts for weeks. POWERFUL beyond Words! I feel lighter and so hopeful when I felt so lost! She is really good for the heart and spirit, her accuracy is eerie, too! I recommended her to all my friends, who reported similar healing experiences!

A.M. Los Angeles, CA

Nita Patel has been studying and learning with me the past 2 years and has excellent skill and a deep commitment to excellence in everything she does. She seeks to learn and grow while sharpening her skills which were already great to begin with. I’m thrilled to support her and partner with her on new and larger ventures in the forthcoming future. She’s the BEST of the BEST!

Gary Stuart, Los Angeles, CA

Nita is a highly intuitive Empath and Reader, experienced in many modalities of healing. She is kind and compassionate and can immediately pick up information about your situation. Nita is continually studying and finding new ways to help people advance on their spiritual journey in this accelerated time. Nita holds a safe space for you to discover your soul's mission along with clearing any blocks to live the life of your dreams.

Maggie Lukowski, North Carolina
The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

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