Jolé Morton

Aura & Chakra Clearing
Past Life Regression
Offers in-store readings

This reader is available for Phone or Skype consultation.

The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291


As a young child, Jolé was a natural intuitive and became aware of the influence spirit has on the physical body. Introduced to metaphysics by her father, she began studying everything from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Egyptian Mystery Systems at the tender age of

On her personal path of healing and self-discovery she acquired firsthand knowledge of the benefits of energy medicine.  This awareness sparked a burning desire to be of service and help others connect with their own inner healing power.  By integrating esoteric teachings with scientific training, she honed her intuitive skills to accurately identify patterns in the mind and body that cause discomfort and disease. 

As a certified Energy Healer with an emphasis in chakra balancing and stabilization, her sessions entail insightful medical intuitive readings. These readings allow her to tap into the individual soul architecture and provide her clients with an energetic blueprint to heal themselves. 

By guiding her clients through a ‘regression therapy’ - focusing on isolating ancestral and emotional trauma - she can pinpoint the origin of illness within the energetic body.  This form of ‘Soul Medicine’ is rooted in the principles of Theta Healing and Quantum Mechanics.

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Jolé is an amazing healer, and I do not say those words lightly. I am in my 50s, and have worked with multitudes of healers, psychics, medical intuitives over the years. So when I say Jolé is extraordinary, I mean it. When I came to her, I was in full-blown PTSD. Without her help, I’m quite sure I would be dead by now. The theta healing she did on me was remote, and in a few short sessions, my PTSD and anxiety was virtually gone. Now let me say that spiritual healing work is not for Sissies. There were other issues I had that were tied in with the PTSD, and I have continued to work with her to ameliorate those peripheral core issues. It is hard work, and I feel a complete alliance with Jolé. She is generous, professional, fast, accurate, personable and very caring. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to heal their issues and let go of the past for good.

Deb Harris, Professional Musician, Santa Barbara, CA

Jolé is a truly gifted Theta Healer who has effectively helped me honestly more forward in my healing and become a more balanced and joyful person. And, what impresses me even more about Jolé, is the love, compassion and kindness she shows me as we work together. I am grateful for Jolé and her outstanding abilities.

Melody H., Theta Practitioner/Metaphysician, Los Angeles, CA

I can’t speak highly enough of Jolé. She is highly intuitive and spot on. She guides you on the right path and helps you to reach your goals. After working with her I felt more centered and focused and grounded. She gives of her time and is always available whether it’s for a phone call or in person. I will continue to use her services and highly recommend her!

Josephine G., Actress and Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA
The Spiritual Owl is now offering her readings at Mystic Journey Gallery located at:

1702 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

If you are interested in booking this reader for an off site event, please send an email to: