Secred Space: 3 of LA's Hotspots For Our Spirit Sisters

This article was published in
April 2018
Alternatively Healthy (UK)
Becky Rabin

image c/o @crystalcriminals

It’s not uncommon to hear of LA as being a sacred space for many- including us. We will always be grateful to it for helping us unlock and nurture our spiritual, inquisitive side, and every time we return we unravel a new layer, learn something new about ourselves and unlock a new little space of spirit. Los Angeles is also home to some incredible thought leaders, spiritual humans and guides who have curated and created soul nourishing spaces that have done wonders for helping us stay mindful and present on our travels, and hopefully can do the same for you too, wherever you may be on your journey.




Like all things magical, we actually stumbled across this little gem of a space by accident. By being led to a parking spot outside, we were drawn in by it’s magically filled bookshelves, gemstones, crystals and spiritual hangings. Whilst in there, a whole new world opened up. A world appealing to all spirit sisters. With in-house psychic readings and astrology, spiritual and visionary books, incense, candles, sage, singing bowls and gemstone jewelry + a decadent event space out back offering a variety of workshops, including crystal, chakra & sound healing, meditation & yoga, animal communication, mediumship, developing intuition, goddess empowerment, practical magic & alchemy, and Reiki & tarot classes.  This place is a your secret spot for healing, exploration and spiritual intrigue,  nourishing, loving and tuning in to find wisdom, peace and love. A MUST in our books!