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Your Cosmic Connections Series

Pyramid Power Across Time


February 17, 2019
6:30pm - 8:30pm
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Pyramid power for healing and raising consciousness will come alive for you at this experiential workshop with Selacia. Discover your cosmic connections to pyramids across time.

During this unique evening with guided process, you will be reconnected with ancient mysteries involving pyramids and a higher knowledge with roots in the stars. In addition, you will experience powerful energy activations during Selacia’s sound healing with both crystal bowl and quartz crystal singing pyramid. As the healing tones move through your field, energy will activate the crystalline structures of your body, assisting in awakening.

Attend this workshop to have your own experience with pyramid power:

• During time bridging you will connect with pyramids in other times and places, the memory in your cells activated and your body registering energy shifts.

• During Selacia’s sounding of her quartz crystal singing pyramid, you will receive activations that raise your frequency, expand your consciousness, and clear energy preventing you from living your best life.

• During Selacia’s playing of her quartz singing crystal bowl, Selacia’s guides The Council of 12 and your Higher Self will help you connect with insights helpful to your life. As this happens, the sound will facilitate a balancing of your body and chakras. As this attunement occurs, heavy energies can leave, allowing you to feel lighter, more at ease, and inspired to take your next steps.  

Throughout the evening you will learn things that help you to evolve and better understand your role in the cosmos. New insights may come to you about things like: a current relationship, your work, and your life purpose. You will come away from the evening with a new way to understand pyramids, ancient knowledge, and your connection to the stars.  

Some of the things people experience when Selacia plays her crystal pyramid:

• Beautiful uplifting tones are heard and felt in the body

• Orbs are experienced in the space – sometimes in a geometric configuration

• There is a sensation of the third eye opening – opening/balancing of chakras

• Waves of healing energy are felt, with a sensation that stuck energies are leaving

• Hands or feet are pulsating with energy

• The throat feels like it’s opening

• There is a feeling of being grounded and more able to go into a meditative state

About Pyramids

Pyramids have been built over time in many parts of the world. Most famous are the Egyptian pyramids at Giza. These structures are found in dozens of other places too – Mexico, Peru, Spain, Greece, Sudan, China, India, and Indonesia. There are theories that pyramid structures also exist throughout the cosmos on other planets.  

What’s so special about pyramids? Who constructed them? How were they used?

There are many theories, often based on an outdated understanding of the ancient world and our larger role in the cosmos. To be sure, pyramid structure and building was much more than a rudimentary undertaking. The architecture typically involves triangular surfaces and heavy blocks of stone – crafted with precision and expertly placed to line up with specific planetary bodies. Advanced scientific knowledge was needed to create pyramids. The builders needed to understand the cosmos, the basis of life, and how energy works. To properly put the large stones into place – so that the pyramid functioned correctly – was not something untrained workers could do.  

Most likely pyramid structures had a range of functions – including as sources of energy, healing, and awakening of consciousness. Ancient texts and inscribed tablets have revealed how mystery schools used pyramids for ceremonies, initiations, raising frequency, and more. Some Egyptology experts believe that the Egyptian pyramids initially were like massive energy generators – broadcasting uplifting energy to large populations of people. In those early days, they argue, one didn’t need to be even close to the pyramid to benefit from its conscious-raising energy. Today, however, a person typically needs to be near or inside the structure to feel beneficial effects.    

In this experiential and fun workshop with sacred sound and time bridging, Selacia will activate your ability to connect more tangibly with your cosmic connections.  You will also connect in a personal way with pyramids – via crystal pyramid sounding and a related process involving time bridging that allows you to “visit” other places across time.

Gain fresh insights into people and life events – helping you to make the most of opportunities and to find a new passion for being alive now. Understand your long history with key people and what bonds you with them again now. Come away from this fun and uplifting evening with a new sense of why your life has unfolded like it has.

Learn from Selacia’s wisdom about cosmic connections, DNA, and your path as a divine changemaker. As you expand your vision to embrace this larger picture, benefit from potent experiential processes that open your intuition and inner knowing. Experience powerful spiritual openings facilitated by Selacia’s spirit guides, The Council of 12.

Enjoy Selacia’s guided meditative processes with sacred sound and time bridging – designed to bring forward your cosmic connections. Know beyond a doubt that you are alive now to be at the forefront of humanity creating a more loving world. Understand how you can move more fully into that role – as a divine changemaker – with each relationship, self-growth experience, and life activity.

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Selacia is an internationally known DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, author, astrologer, and creator of The Divine Changemakers. In her global work as a DNA intuitive healer, she helps people from all walks of life to move into more empowerment and wholeness. During private healing sessions, she identifies DNA-level blocks that prevent people from having joy, love, and a fulfilling life. These blocks can relate to things like love, relationship harmony, expression of soul purpose, and intuitive gifts. As part of healing sessions, Selacia psychically sees current life, ancestral, and past life information within the DNA field, pinpointing the root causes of unhappiness and disempowerment. She then is able to clear past patterns from the DNA, healing issues across time, changing the person’s present and future. She is able to connect you more tangibly with key experiences you as a soul had during key lifetimes on Earth. Selacia also works with animals, providing pet healing and communication with animals (both alive and on the other side). For more about these themes, visit and read her book “Earth’s Pivotal Years: A Direct Path to Enlightened Living.” Also, see Selacia’s website for her annual eBook about the current year – providing a grounded spiritual perspective about navigating situations, with helpful foresight about energy trends and events.

Bring a journal & pen!

6:30-8:30pm (please arrive 15 minutes early)