Book Signing & Talk

Your Zodiac Soul

Twelve Gateways to Wholeness

John Wadsworth

November 12, 2019

Experience the twelve signs of the zodiac in ways you never have before! In this lively talk, John will present the zodiac wheel as an ancient emblem of the soul, rich in mythic and alchemical symbolism. As John will demonstrate, the astrological wheel is a journey of initiation, each sign offering up a particular medicine to the soul - twelve gateways to wholeness.

John's book, "Your Zodiac Soul" was launched in Europe in 2018, and is already a best seller in the UK. This is the first time John will have presented his book in the US, which makes this an exclusive event for the Mystic Journey Bookstore.

About John

John has been practicing as a professional astrologer in the UK since 1993. He is a regular speaker at astrological conferences around the world and is a very experienced teacher and workshop facilitator. He is known as a pioneer of embodied, experiential approaches to astrology, including astrodrama and astrological theatre. He has been running the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury, UK since 2009, taking students from beginner to professional level. John holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology and is the founder of The Alchemical Journey, a zodiacal mystery school, based around the Glastonbury Zodiac. He is the author of the book, “Your Zodiac Soul”.  His website is: