Book Signing

You Are Loved

An Inspired, Meditative Visual Journey

Kim O'Neill

May 25, 2019
2pm - 4pm

You are loved. In our ever busy world, time taken for you is always time well spent. Take this book with you for a stunning, visual meditation on-the-go, or give to a loved one to remind them of how amazing they are. Enjoy this visual journey as you reflect upon the thoughtful words and soulful photography of Key West and the Florida Keys. You Are Loved can be used daily to support you in cultivating more self-love, inner peace and connecting back to your true self. Wherever your life journey takes you, always remember ~ you are loved.

On Saturday, May 25th from 2-4PM, purchase your signed copy of this #1 Amazon Best Seller by Kim O'Neill in-store. From 2:30PM-3:15PM, Kim will lead a short talk about the inspirations and intentions for the book, along with a LIVE guided meditation.


Kim O'Neill is the #1 bestselling co-author of You Are Loved and the bestseller Positive Minded People. She’s a former Crime Analyst who now provides empowerment and interview confidence coaching, and also hosts the “Every Day is a New Day” podcast and live show. Eleven years ago Kim thought she didn’t like meditation, until life threw her a major curveball and meditation then became her saving grace. Today Kim loves providing her clients with peaceful, loving meditative experiences that bring them right back to themselves. It is part of Kim's mission to support people in remembering who they truly are and how amazing they've always been. Check out Kim's popular "Get Grounded & Regain Inner Peace" meditation on the Insight Timer app, or find more information at