Book Signing

Who I Am


Samara DiMouro

August 24, 2019
2pm - 3:30pm

WHO I AM is a poetic story of a faceless and nameless little girl, in a bright yellow rain jacket, seeking to understand who she is. The only thing she knows for certain is who she is NOT. She accepts she has bad thoughts sometimes, but knows she's bigger than them. Who is she? She never finds out and, the big reveal, it's okay.

Samara has been an artist and writer since she was a little girl. First learning to draw from her mother, she grew up excelling in art class, advanced to AP art in high school, and majored in writing and photography at Endicott College in Massachusetts. Now residing in Los Angeles, she spends her time combining all of her training to create a range of pieces from multimedia drawings, paintings, poems, books, screenwriting, and graphic design.