Book Signing


Contemplations on Memories, Life & Fairy Tales

R.A. Leslie

February 21, 2020
7:30 - 8:30pm

About the Book

When we are little girls and boys we learn what love is and is not by how we are treated from our caregivers and society. The messages we are given might tell us one story, while the actions from our caregivers and society show us another. There is a moment in our lives when suddenly we realize that we are no longer children and our adult lives become a barrage of abusive, physical and verbal attacks, by the reckless hands and voices from others we are supposed to be loved by. We find ourselves in relationships, professional and personal that seem to model the same hurtful feelings we had as children.

These “When”, stories honor the hopeful child in each of our adult selves. From this day on may your “When” story begin each chapter with you rewriting your days with new beliefs, beliefs that honor the best and happiest version of the person you were born to become; the hero and heroine of your life. A New Story where you create your Happily Ever After.

About the Author

R.A. Leslie is a Los Angeles and New York City based transformative intuitive catalyst and public speaker. She is the author of, “Do You Know The Sound of Throwing Stars?”, “Chasing Rainbows”, and “When”.

Fascinated about what makes people truly happy and curious to explore the root of joy, Leslie has spent the last thirty years using her imagination to transform a life of adversity and limited beliefs to a life filled with purpose. Her coaching model guides individuals past the story of their childhood and on to their greater story: their true calling. Leslie works with clients to reparent their inner child by assisting them in shifting the memory of their pasts by consciously co-creating their future. In this way, individuals learn how to be an adult without losing the most authentic part of themselves—The Child.

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