Book Signing

Wellbeing Tools for Optimal Aging


Marina Ustinova, MD

May 26, 2019
1pm - 3pm

Aging is inevitable, but anti-aging practices can make a world of difference in our appearance, health, energy level, and overall well-being.

In this book, Marina Ustinova, MD shows us how to achieve anti-aging qualities and a youthful attitude through body/mind medicine, Kundalini yoga, and energy rejuvenation. Well-being tools for Optimal Aging is for higher quality of Life. It is Also written for medical professionals to gain an understanding of the connection between the physical and subtle body.

By following the insights in this modern interpretation of natural, ancient practices, we can experience a more youthful feeling and appearance.

Dr. Ustinova offers a valuable guide for daily anti-aging practices, and a full 7-week lifestyle program filled with practical tools for rejuvenation that you can do at home. The program described in the book is award winning and revived an Award for #1 Fitness program of the Year in Atlantic city 2019. It is simple, low cost and effective Life Style program which increase quality and quantity of your life.

About Marina

Marina Ustinova, MD is an accomplished practitioner in the growing field of Anti-aging , Yoga and Body/Mind medicine. She previously authored the (currently in Russian only available in 5 countries) book "Evolution of Love "and produced acclaimed DVD "Yoga for Rejuvenation". Marina has spearheaded Body/Mind Medicine Workshops in Russia and the USA. She earned her doctorate in Russia a postdoctoral fellowship at the California Pacific Medical Center and although credentialed to practice traditional medicine, she chose to focus on the study of the human soul and consciousness. She is a finalist of Miss Russian California, philanthropist, World Traveler and a vulnerable women who carry a value of friendship, service, Love, Freedom and Gratitude.. Currently resides in Los Angeles where she is Teaching Life Style program "Anti-aging Boot Camp" to the public and work as an anti-aging expert. Among of her clients are Sport and Film celebrities, housekeepers, businessmen, doctors, and people from many other social status and profession who made a decision to take a responsibility for own health.