The Art of Spell Magick

An 8 week initiation

Radha Devi

September 5, 2019
Cash at the Door

This comprehensive 8 week initiation workshop covers the foundational skills required for spell work and casting magick. The workshop is broken down into 8 classes over 8 weeks.

Los Angeles based Mystic and Artist Radha Devi was born in Nigeria and raised in England. She moved to New York City in her teens to model and attend art school. In New York, a mystic yogi master introduced and initiated her on the esoteric practices of yoga and Kabbalah.

For the past 16 years, Radha has continued a dedicated spiritual practice. Since her journey of mysticism began, she has ventured into the world of divination learning the art of Tarot, magic and channeling energy from her teacher.

Radha has traveled the world and calls several places home. Everything Radha does is fueled by art and culture. Art is an expansion of her being. She loves to create and she would love to help you create too.

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