Book Signing

The Shapeshifter:

A Tale from Glitter to Light

Claudia Navone

September 16, 2019
6pm - 8pm

A young girl with introductions to the elite of the ballet world discovers who she is through romantic encounters in Monte Carlo, Florence, London, New York City and many more glamorous locations.

She leaves the world of dance and becomes a Fashion Editor at one of the top fashion magazines in the world. But her jet set celebrity filled world of fashion does not provide her the happiness she seeks. Through a series of mystical and mysterious events, she awakens to a deeper calling and her true adventure begins.

With twists and turns as sharp as any romance novel, this memoir is part fairy tale, part spiritual primer.

Every reader will discover something new about life and about themselves.

This is a book to be shared and enjoyed by those seeking the true meaning of their lives. Along the way they will participate in the exciting adventure of unpredictable events taking place in exotic locations across the globe.


Born in Florence, Claudia spent her career working for illustrious publications such as Elle, The Sunday Times and Harper’s Bazaar. Following a spontaneous and powerful Spiritual Awakening, she left fashion behind to follow a new path. She divides her time between Florence, London, and Ibiza and travels extensively as a spiritual mentor and teacher with The Divine University. Claudia is the author of "The Shapeshifter: A Tale from Glitter to Light" described as a "memoir of divine love that reads like a heady dream."