Book Signing

The Gift of Cancer & Messages from the Afterlife


Wendy Treynor & Mary HIll

February 8, 2019

The Gift of Cancer: A treasure Map to Happiness!

by Dr. Wendy Treynor

Cancer sent Dr. Wendy Treynor on a journey of self-discovery. Through the healing process, Wendy received deep insight into a universal cause of human suffering and its cure. The gift in her cancer experience was a treasure map to lasting happiness. Join Wendy as she shares how cancer and adversity can be used as a tool for radical change and personal transformation. Discover a fresh approach for self-love to help overcome depression and oppression to live vibrantly!

Dr. Wendy Treynor, self-help author of “The Gift of Cancer - Turn your tragedy into a Treasure…A Treasure Map to Happiness!” Inspirational speaker, psychologist and social scientist of love and happiness.

Messages From The Afterlife: Memoirs of a Hospice Nurse

by Mary Hill

Mary Hill was spiritually inquisitive as a teenager and fascinated by the concept of death and dying.  She read many books on the subject, but still felt fearful about her own death.

Mary shares her unique experiences as a Registered Nurse and Hospice Case Manager. Close relationships with a number of terminally ill patients showed her the divine grace that accompanied the dying process as she assisted them and their families with transitions toward the afterlife. Several of her patients kept their promise to appear to her in various ways after they passed.  This was evidence that life, or consciousness, continued after our physical body was dropped.

Mary describes watching her mother’s decline over the years and experienced difficult family dynamics associated with her dying. Her deceased mother later appeared with messages of love and life lessons to help Mary face and conquer her fears.

Mary’s intention for the book signing is to create an open forum to allow participants to ask questions about hospice care and to share their own experience with end of life situations with loved ones.