Stop Being His Mommy:

How Powerful Women End Up With Men Who Act Like Boys

Barry Price

January 26, 2019
3pm - 5pm

Barry Price is a Relationship Expert for Powerful Women trained by renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel and an ICF Accredited Coach Training School. His real gift and experience come from helping his powerul, successful Mom through her relationship ups-and-downs since he was eight years old. He brings a level of empathy, understanding and insight to powerful women’s relationships that no other male perspective offers.

Barry beleives that everyone deserves a loving, lasting healthy relationship where you are your powerful, authentic self. His programs, tools, coaching and resources share how to be fully expressed, put your needs and boundaries first so you do not lose your power in relationships, and how to create deep, lasting intimacy that is safe, supportive and sexy. Barry has helped thousands of Powerful Women stand in their FULL power while having the healthy, loving relationship they deserve.

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