The U.S. Heart Illumination Tour 2019

Shivananda Swamiji

September 18, 2019
5pm - 8pm
Suggested Heart donation

“During this great history of evolution, man has confused the truth, by pursuing the mind instead of the Heart.”     ~Shivananda Swamiji

Join us for a rare opportunity to experience in person, a true modern-day living saint and Avator, Shivananda Swamiji. Shivananda Swamiji is a light in these times of great global change. His mission is to guide every person to find truth, peace and love within themselves

He will be appearing in Los Angeles as part of his U.S. Heart Illumination Tour 2019. Being in the presence of Shivananda Swamiji, many spontaneous miracles occur, and one bears witness of his incredible energy.  People are unexplainably drawn to meet him.

In his recent travels throughout India and Jerusalem, Shivananda Swamiji has embodied the essence needed to fulfill his mission, leading souls to the sacred path through the deep awakening of the heart to find truth, peace and love within themselves.

Shivananda Swamiji devotes his life to the service of humanity and stands in the lineage of the great Indian Masters such as Shirdi Sai Baba, Babaji, Yogananda, Satya Sai Baba and is completely devoted to Jesus and Mother Mary.

Swamiji uses the system of kundalini energy to bring healing during his Satsang’s and events. In guided meditations he gently and safely supports the awakening of this energy, clearing blockages and allowing more light to enter your chakras. Powerful mantras, breathing techniques and other exercises are a fundamental part of his teachings. Shivananda Swamiji guides you to first and foremost love yourself. By loving yourself, finding inner peace and being in your truth, you become a powerful beacon of light that can shine on others, allowing them to radiate in return.

Meeting Shivananda is a unique experience not to be missed, and when hearts are open to his message of love, healing and transformation are inevitable.


Shivananda Swamiji was born in the South of Italy, in the region of Puglia. From an early age, he already had extraordinary divine visions and experiences. Mystical events surrounding his near-death experience in his youth and a subsequent awakening in 2017 forever expanded his views of life and the nature of this existence and he realized his mission on Earth.

Shivananda Swamiji is devoted to guiding others in expanding their consciousness to initiate inner change through opening their heart using this system of healing during his Satsangs and meditations.

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Satsang / Talk: 5pm-6:45pm  Group Healing:  7pm-8pm                                                                

Heart donation ($35 Cash or PayPal only @ the door)          

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