Spiritual Teaching & Guidance

Shamanic Sound Bath & Coursework:

Our Light Bodies, Deep Healing & Spiritual Growth

Erika Buenaflor

June 16, 2018
12pm - 3pm

In this three-part coursework, we access & work with our 3 core light bodies—Physical, Astral & Spiritual to heal ourselves on many levels, develop our healing potential, deepen our awareness of who we are and what has been scripted about us, and access and merge with ideal potentials. For the first part of the class, we will work with the physical plane bodies: physical, mental, emotional and etheric.

We will also:

· Learn effective & practical methods to heal, clear and energize the physical, mental, mental and emotional bodies

· Journey through shamanic breathwork, soundbaths, toning, movement, acupressure points, and group discussion to become familiar with the subtle nuances of our physical plane bodies

· Explore how to expand our subtle bodies on a conscious level

· Learn what messages we are sending out through our subtle physical plane bodies, and how to re-script this information

RSVP: Please email erika@realizeyourbliss.com, so you receive supplies and worksheets for the workshop


Soundscape Facilitator: Miguel Buenaflor, Conscious Musician & Medicine Ceremony Facilitator

Workshop Facilitator: Erika Buenaflor, Curandera, Spiritual Counselor/Coach & Medicine Ceremony Facilitator


Erika Buenaflor instills insight from her 20+ cumulative years of practicing as a curandera, mentoring with curanderas/os and shamans in the Maya Yucatecan jungle, and studying Mesoamerican Curanderismo at UCLA and UCR into all of her workshops. She has a master’s degree in religious studies with a focus on Mesoamerican shamanism and curanderismo. She has written, Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo, as well as Curanderismo Soul Retrieval (release date 5/10/19). As a modern-day curandera, she excels at applying this sacred knowledge to help her clients realize and live their BLISS. Find out more at: realizeyourbliss.com

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