Sacred Heart Healing

5 Pillars for Healing Your Wounded Heart


November 30, 2019

Has life wounded your DivineFeminine heart, beaten you down,

or prevented you from achieving your life goals?

In this exclusive workshop presentation, Son'Yah will guide you into a shamanic healing journey and reveal:

1. The 5 pillars for healing your core wounds.

2. How to create the right environment to support your healing journey.

3. What to do to reestablish a safe and loving relationship with your wounded self.

4. Tips for overcoming fear and resistance to your healing journey.

5. A blueprint for connecting with and healing your core wounds within the quantum field.



Register by November 20th and receive a FREE, 45-minute, private remote session withSon'Yah ($122 Value) to be redeemed within five (5) days after the event.

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Son’Yah is a Sacred Heart Emissary of Sophia Christ Consciousness. She is the Founder of a modern Mystery School dedicated to healing the Sacred Heart of the Divine Feminine and is the Creator of the Christ Codes, a(R)evolutionary multidimensional quantum healing system designed to heal, activate and reset your quantum field through sacred sound, light, and geometry.