Quiet Power:

Embrace Your Introvert Strengths

Jessica Weir

December 2, 2019
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In this workshop, we'll discuss:

● What being an introvert really means, in general and personally.

● The way introvert brains are wired, explaining why we think differently.

● The traits that many introverts share that are truly strengths.

● How introverts can socialize in an empowered way that feels good for them.


Jessica Weir is a certified professional coach and the owner of Head To Heart. Originally from upstate New York, she grew up quiet and shy. Jessica was an excellent student, studied abroad in France and attended Cornell University.  After college she moved to NYC to pursue acting.  Through her theater training she was able to find her natural voice and learned to feel comfortable public speaking. Inspired by her own healing journey and ready for a change, she stepped away from acting and decided to move to Los Angeles and to pursue life coaching. As a highly sensitive person, an introvert and someone with an innately calming presence, she holds a safe space for her clients to do transformative work. She's able to tune into people, what they're going through and help them move forward. Her work focuses primarily on helping introverts use an empowered approach to making friends.