Porchia's WISH

Road Map to Holistic Healing Video Seminar

Dianne Porchia

November 10, 2019
4pm - 6pm
Donations Accepted

Dianne Porchia, featured in HEAL Documentary (Netflix), shares examples of how she uses integrated body-mind-heart-soul healing tools and techniques with her clients to help them reduce mental-emotional stress, support immune function and create and maintain loving, successful relationships in their life.

“My work is really soul healing. Holistic stress reduction is the door opener for deeper healing on the heart-soul and subconscious levels,” says Porchia.

Watch video testimonials from many of Porchia's clients who have and are healing themselves through stress provoking life challenges such as serious illness, disease, auto-immune disorders, depression, trauma and even cancers.  Deepak Chopra, featured in HEAL Documentary says, “Believe the diagnosis, but don’t believe the prognosis.”

After this 45 minute video seminar presentation Porchia will have a Q&A and provide further information on how you can work, heal and learn with her.‍

About Porchia:

Since 2001, Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM is the founder of Porchia’s WISHÔ, Whole Integrated Self Health, Path to Healing, Loving and Living Consciously. She utilizes the principles and practice of mind-body medicine, spiritual practices and heart-soul-centered communication skills to effectively support personal growth, healing and spiritual connection, while supporting immune function and the body’s natural ability to HEAL.

Dianne Porchia holds a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, is a Diplomat of Mind-Body Medicine from the American Association of Integrative Medicine), Bachelor's Degree Fine Art (Byam Shaw School of Art, London), Certification in Therapeutic Touch, Massage Acupressure (California Healing Arts College), Cranio-Sacral Therapy, (Upledger Institute), undergraduate training in dance, body movement, yoga and is further informed by Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychology (AEDP), relational somatic awareness and experiential learning. Â Member of American Holistic Health Association, American Association of Integrative Medicine and Energy Medicine Professionals Association.

Porchia offers workshops, seminars, retreats and consultations internationally. www.porchiaswish.com