Spiritual Teaching & Guidance


An Astral Traveler's Workshop

Casey Hale

June 6, 2018
6:30pm - 8pm

To wake inside of dreams and actively participate is to utilize the invaluable nightly opportunity to receive insight, guidance and healing from the higher self. Synonymous with the lucid dream is the out-of-body experience: projection from the physical into the astral realms. Through this expanded state individuals are able to directly contact spirit allies, obtain answers, access the past and future, initiate healing, and bring new potentials back to reality.

This workshop is a comprehensive lucid dream and out-of-body overview featuring:

• Lucid dream and out-of-body definitions, principles and possibilities 

• Original induction and travel techniques 

• Dream interpretation and symbolism 

• Methods for contacting spirits on the other side 

• Modes and opportunities for healing

Hosted by Casey Hale, the Out of Body workshop draws from a decade of active experience working with the dream and astral realms, and integrates a healer’s perspective on how to ally that source of infinite wisdom, power and love to create a life of higher alignment and harmony here on earth.


I am a guide and healer. I work with nonphysical energies to effect change in the physical. From a neutral intuitive state I obtain insight and foresight. Through metaphysical healing I help release limitation and restore true power – for the higher-path journey.


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