Move from a Toxic to a Healthy Relationship


Ben Torre

July 30, 2019
6pm - 8pm

The ABC's of unrealistic expectation in relationships always leads us to co-dependency, narcissism, projection, frustration, anger and so on.

Unfortunately, no one taught us how to love ourselves first, no matter what. So we live in the shadow and value of our partner expecting some positive changes or attention telling ourselves this mantra "It will be better tomorrow". Our very nature is LOVE, so there is no need to search for it, no need to work at it. To be the Source of LOVE means you are no longer striving for love, YOU ARE LOVE. Through The Human Design system, we will have a look deeply at 2 crucial centers to understand the dynamic in our relationships.

You will walk out with a profound understanding of your needs, patterns, and emotions, but mostly how you can create a healthy relationship in your life.

About Ben:

Ex-member from the Special Forces, Ben burnt out in 2012. After an NDE he came back to life with a deep connection to Spirit Consciousness. He met a Shaman, learned about his Design, and radically changed. He vowed his life following an alchemist path, to his personal growth and self-empowerment through truly surrendering as a passenger consciousness.

Today with 7 years of experience, Ben work is internationally recognized and works with corporates, companies, and private clients. Retreat leader, public speaker, Ben provides guidance through coaching and natural healing to create an experience.

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