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Awakening to Your Ultimate Power

Rajiv Sankarlal

September 15, 2018
2pm - 4pm

It’s time to wake up, time to remember who you are, it’s time to remember the power that is laying dormant with in you and establish a bridge between this world and the next! It’s time to stop the struggle, to connect with your spirit and to unleash this power within you on to the world and claim your destiny today! Stand up and move your body, awaken into your true self and gaze into the earth with new eyes! This is the foundation of a dialogue, the start of a conversation and the beginning of a dance between your authentic self and what’s getting in your way.

What we will go over:

In this course we will begin opening the door and connect with your higher self, your true self, awakening the spirit inside of you to step into the world to guide you, to live a more congruent and authentic life

Using breathing techniques, guided meditations, movement, and some special intuitive techniques we will begin working on establishing a connecting between this world and the next to bring wisdom and clarity into your life. You will start to recognize more synchronicity in your life and look for the Easter eggs this world has hidden for you

We all have within us this inner voice that whispers to us telling us the right steps to take, the right people to trust, that inner sense of knowing that, that intuition, that sixth sense. Well it’s time to create a bridge and establish a deeper conversation with this side of ourself to awaken your ultimate power and life a life truly worth living!


Rajiv is a former ordained llama, he has trained for over a decade with different masters, gurus, and spiritual leaders from across the globe building a wealth of wisdom that he now has dedicated his life to share with the world. He currently works with the United Nations facilitating inter spiritual dialogs among different cultures, religions and tribal societies. He brings a plethora of knowledge from channeling, to energetic healing and combining that with grounded techniques in personal development as he has worked with Tony Robbins for the last 7 years , trained and practiced as a Robbins coach.