Book Signing

Messages from Mother Earth


Bambi Blitz

April 19, 2018
6:30pm - 8:30pm

“Messages from Mother Earth” is an extraordinary and timely environmental book, addressing the environment from the perspective of Mother Earth. Mother Earth’s voice and simple messages will call out the readers to assist her in being better stewards of the planet. In a time where environmental degradation is at an all time high, this book will be part of the solution to awaken humanity to assist and listen to Mother Earth. The book bonds us all to one another and the one Mother we all share.

Bambi Blitz MA, author and speaker, is passionate about environmental issues. Messages from Mother Earth is the voice for Mother Earth giving humanity inspiration and direction to take immediate action on environmental issues. Bambi started a campaign for Mother Earth's rights and led an Earth Day March in Los Angeles in 2017. She proposed a new United States Constitutional Amendment for the Earth to be ratified  and included in our Federal Constitution and the constitution of every state. Bambi has a background in psychology and has counseled many individuals families and children. she is a Director/Producer/Writer of an environmental movie One planet that includes world thought leaders doing good things for the planet.

Anna Siqueiros grew up in a family for whom political activism went hand-in-hand. Her great uncle, the renowned and controversial David Alfaro Siqueiros, whose murals depict the plight of the poor and disenfranchised, is considered to be one of Mexico’s three great muralists; not only in Mexico, but around the world (along with Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco). Her father, Carlos Siqueiros, was also a political activist behind the scenes and worked hard instilling in her the the values of the Civil Rights movement and the important issues which Cesar Chaves and other political figures did in giving a helping hand in the promotion  of The United Farm Workers Union. Anna regards her passion to inspire social change through art as her birthright.

After painting her first mural at the age of three with her mothers lip stick and makeup, Anna’s parents encouraged her to explore her artistic curiosity. Her mother and father, Ofelia and Carlos Siqueiros, supplied her with paper, pencils and paints. The family taught her a moral sensibility of her environment and others around her that were even less fortunate.

Anna’s passion is to unite others in a common cause for humanity she enjoys helping other artists, young and old. She has continued to be a member of the Venice Arts Council in Venice, Ca. She believes in sharing her abilities as an artist with others to prosper and yet still maintains commission works as well as showing her works in galleries and public spaces.

Anna continues as a prolific artist and is presently working on issues pertaining to social change a quest about the artist movement of the past, present and future. She expresses through her art that it is a dance about creation and a message that she wants the viewer or the participants to feel even for a brief moment of time the experience the possibility of hope and peace is not that far out of our reach.