Spiritual Teaching & Guidance

Healing Through Artwork Creation


HeARTbreak Studios

March 21, 2019
6:30pm - 8pm
Payments Accepted at the Door

There is something cathartic about creating. There is also something magically restorative about meditation. The two together make for a wonderful self-healing ritual. So come let go of thoughts that aren’t serving you in the relaxing flow of painting. You’ll enjoy guided meditations, breathwork, essential oils and more. This workshop is perfect for anyone going through transitional periods (heartbreak, stress, anxiety, fear of unknown). We’ll dive into the heart space and create in a fully process oriented approach, simply using artwork to tap into the healing present moment. No artistic experience required. Bring an open mind and be prepared to let go and soak in good vibes.


Michael Gallagher left his role in the corporate world after his mother's sickness reminded him that life is all too short. This, along with other forms of heartache, moved him to create heARTbreak Studios, and the business took shape as he combined his love of art with his trust in the grounding and healing abilities of mindfulness-based exercises. His dream and intention is to make his community enjoy an artistic break, and use the highly accessible vehicle of art to tap into the meditative flow state that helps us through the difficult times and yields a greater awareness and appreciation for the good times. Michael has completed yogic teacher training courses and has worked at a meditation studio, but most passionately devours mindfulness centered content in his free time. He combines this passion with his longtime obsession with art. Michael has both experimented with art as a longtime hobby, and has had formal art education. heARTbreak Studios is growing, becoming a collaborative effort between Michael and other experienced teachers in the yogic, meditative and art realms. He warmly welcomes any suggestions or feedback!