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Love Is The Law

21 Universal Laws to Activate Your Inner Genius & Uplift Humanity

Marieta Oslanec, Esq.

December 6, 2019

It took me 16 years to understand that in order to find true love, happiness, peace and abundance, I needed to go within.

During those years, I experienced several painful breakups and went from one relationship to another, only to realize that the most important love is self-love. The most painful break-up was the beginning of my life-long love story.

I moved from Slovakia to the USA with only 700 USD and without speaking a word of English. I put myself through law school and became a licensed attorney in New York. Nobody would hire me, so I started my own company and hired myself.

I then decided to challenge myself further and travel the world solo. I spent 30 days in complete silence, in meditation retreats throughout Bali, Nepal, and Hawaii. During this period, I faced my deepest fears and came to discover that they were only illusions. The truth is, many of our fears are not real, they are just our ego trying to protect us. What is real is love, and that is our “higher self”. The Universe is governed by the ultimate Law that is Love, and when we all collectively raise our consciousness, we will be able to create a new world.

In this book you will learn how to:

-Heal a broken heart and fall in love with yourself
-Change a limiting money mindset and attract abundance
-Discover your purpose and start a purpose driven business
-Meditate and tap into your higher self
-Create a healthy relationship with your body & embrace your beauty
-Activate your inner genius & step into your power

In order to live in this new world, every one of us must awaken and do the inner work. The new reality is within you, yearning to be awakened. The question is, are you ready?