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Learn How To Read Tarot

Creative Workshop

Will Cady

February 24, 2024
4:00PM - 6:00PM
February 24, 2024
4:00PM - 6:00PM
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Eight-Part Creative Workshop

1. The Story of the Suits

The roots of tarot in the soil of history

2. The Major Arcana’s Meaning

The keys to the book of life as told through mystery

3. A System of Numbers

The hidden math of meaning in the deck’s construction

4. Planets & Their Stars

The secrets kept in the astrology of the cards

5. Spread: Past, Present, Future

How you got here and where you’re going

6. Spread: Life Compass

Finding your bearings beyond this moment

7. Spread: The Fool’s Journey

A way to see this chapter’s story in the book of life

8. Creating With The Elements

Moving energy from nothing to something through you

Will Cady is a creative intuitive and an intuitive for creatives who has given tarot & energy readings for over five years on the back of fifteen years studying the mystic arts. His practice is to help people awaken the most human power within their spirit: the capacity for creation. He utilizes his skills in ancient practices as a tarot reader, meditation guide, storyteller, advisor, and spacemaker across many arenas of the modern world to help those within it make the journey from out of their heads and into their hearts where our highest creative potential resides. He is recognized and called upon globally as a leader in understanding the principles of community and as a seer of the world’s cultures, keeping watch for the ever-evolving but increasingly urgent human story of our collective ascension into a global tribe amongst the stars. It is toward this end of realizing our collective human potential, he serves.

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