Book Signing

Is KETO Harming Your Gut?


Kristin Grayce McGary

January 23, 2020
6pm - 8pm

Whether you're new to keto or not, this book is essential reading.

Holistic Keto for Gut Health reveals what no one is talking about with the typical Keto diet. Author Kristin Grace McGary will discuss potential dangers while offering scientifically based wisdom on both Keto and gut repair.

You'll Learn

• The pros and cons of the Keto diet and lifestyle

• The connection between autoimmunity, the gut and your brain

• The dangers of hidden food sensitivities and how standard Keto can aggravate them

• How to eat Keto in a gut-healthy way

• Common pitfalls to avoid

• How Holistic Keto is the key to vibrant health

Kristin Grayce McGary

LAc., MAc., CFMP®, CSTcert, CLP

Health and lifestyle expert Kristin Grayce McGary is an internationally recognized author and  speaker. She is an authority on autoimmunity, functional blood chemistry analysis, thyroid & gut health, alleviating pain, family wellness, extreme exhaustion, resolving blocks to healing, and food as medicine. Kristin Grayce specializes in integrating mind, body and spirit in healthcare through a uniquely individualized approach.

She offers more than two decades of education, clinical experience, and wisdom to her patients; weaving dozens of modalities together to compassionately meet you where you are and guide you to vibrant health.

Renowned for her health detective work, she helps successful high achievers under stress; taking the guesswork out of healthcare, working to resolve patients’ root imbalances, helping them to regain lasting energy and live with more vitality. She empowers patients to revitalize and reconnect to their most brilliant self,  and to fulfill the mission of sharing their gifts with the world.