Introduction to Intuitive Mathematics


THE Bhakti Math Guru, Adam Wes

June 21, 2017

Join the Bhakti Math Guru for HOME's weekly drop-in class on Intuitive Mathematics.  Doing math is about cultivating a state of mind, it's about getting high on pure lucidity, about moving into a state of self-transcendence, it's about being the perfection and elegant beauty of the universe. To become the math, you have to know the math deeply, intimately. Math is about getting high on pure lucidity, man.

In this class, we cover topics in Intuitive Arithmetic, Intuitive Algebra, and Intuitive Geometry. The class is designed for you to drop in and get high on mathematics. By doing math in this way, you cultivate a state of mind that is blissfully lucid, quiet, and orderly, while also honed, vibrant, and active, enriching you with the feeling of mathematical elegance. Come and immerse yourself in the structures of mathematics! Come and realize your mathematical genius! No prior abilities in math are necessary, and people who have a lot of experience in math will also find the topics and concepts fresh, relevant, and enriching.

All of mathematics can be done with a direct connection to mathematical elegance. In Intuitive Mathematics, we go beyond the equations to intuitively, and often visually, perceive the abstract truth at their source. Doing math in this way develops genuine mathematical comprehension that empowers you to do math with confidence and competence, developing the structures of your mind, improving your conceptual awareness, and enriching your subjective reality with the beauty of mathematics.

This class is for you if you want to cultivate the structures of your mind through mathematics, increase your creativity, and develop spiritually. This includes students ages 10 and up, parents, tutors, teachers, and any other adults who are interested. There are a limited number of tickets available so it is recommended that you purchase your tickets early. All tickets must be purchased in advance. Students between the ages of 10 and 18 who have a ticket are encouraged to have their parents attend for free.

THE Bhakti Math Guru, Adam Wes, is the founder of HOME (The Heart of Mathematics Education).

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