Book Signing

Into The Light


Emily Stroia

January 26, 2018
7:30pm - 9pm

Healing the past isn’t a straight line for many of us. There are many ways to find peace and resiliency and for Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive and medium Emily Stroia she found it through her spiritual journey. 

Join Emily Stroia, intuitive, spiritual teacher and author as she shares from her new book, Into the Light raw poetry on healing from abuse, trauma and finding one’s purpose after pain.

There will be light refreshments and bonus raffle prizes for those who attend.

Spirit messages with Emily to Follow

Into the Light is a unique book in that it shares from Emily’s life a transformative perspective of being in a deep state of darkness to finding hope, miracles and light. In the final part, there are notes to the reader and finding one’s inner peace after adversity.

This book explores trauma, abuse, sexual abuse, mental illness, loss, healing, spirituality, meditation, inspiration and empowerment.

Emily Stroia a world-renowned spiritual teacher, intuitive and author of several well-reviewed books including her latest, Into the Light.

She is also the founder of the online metaphysical school, Intuitive Soul Academy where she currently mentors students on living transformational lives through spirituality, intuition and connecting to Spirit. To learn more about her, visit