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Inner Child Women's Circle


Rosanne Leslie

February 8, 2019
7:30pm - 8:30pm

There is nothing more beautiful in the human being than the Child.  Our inner child is that part of us that responds to the things in life that we feel joyful about. This child inside the adult is playful, fun, happy, trusting, loving, open and most importantly vulnerable.

This intimate, carefree aspect of the adult doesn’t try to protect him or herself.  Instead, like a little cherub they are open and porous and allow themselves the freedom to experience life.

However, when we suffer from traumatic events in our childhood our adult self goes into hiding and we suppress our feelings.  Trauma in the child leads to the shutting down parts of the adult.

In this space women will gather together to discuss how we as women, can collaborate in life rather than compete.

Join R. A. Leslie, Los Angeles and New York City based transformative intuitive catalyst.  She is the author of the fairy tale, “Do You Know The Sound of Throwing Stars Far?”,  “Chasing Rainbows”, a medative romance and “When”, a memoir.  She is a public speaker as well.  Through Leslie’s coaching model, individuals are guided past the story of their childhood and onto their greater story:  Their true calling.  Together, Leslie works with clients to reparent their inner child by assisting them in shifting the memory of their pasts by consciously co-creating their future.  In this way, individuals learn how to be an authentic adult without losing the best part of themselves—The Child.

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