Book Signing!
Book Signing

How to avoid Cataclysm

Dedicated to Mother – Earth

Volunteers representing Tatyana Mickushina

June 3, 2018
June 3, 2018
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Find out what Teachers of Humanity tell us about the current situation on the planet  and about the help that the Ascended Masters provide to the evolution of Planet Earth.

Hosted by: International group of volunteers representing Tatyana N. Mickushina. The author will not be present at this event.

The connection between the level of consciousness of mankind and such phenomena as: extreme weather conditions, cataclysms, volcanic eruptions, wars and revolutions. Each of us makes his own impact on collective unconscious of humanity. And by looking at the current situation on the planet we can see what our thoughts and feelings spiral into.

Since ancient times, the Masters of Wisdom were known in the East. During this time the people of Earth have been given the Teaching of the True purpose of the evolution — the aspiration of every soul to the Creator, to union with God, and adherence to the Highest Moral Law that exists in the Universe.  In different teachings, people call them by different names such as the Ascended Masters, or the Masters of Wisdom. These Higher Beings consider their duty to help humanity of Earth in the development of its evolution.

The Earth is experiencing a critical time now!

Each of us can help ourselves, our families, our country and our planet.What is the impact of our thoughts and feelings on our planet, and on everything that surrounds us? The earth needs our care and guardianship, and each of us can help the planet.

 Find out About the help that the Ascended Masters provide to evolutions of the planet Earth.  Can we help the planet? And what can our help consist of?

“.. the most important news that is not broadcasted on any of your radio or TV channels is not available for most of the people of Earth. The main news is the SOS signal that your planet and everything that lives on it is sending...”Beloved Kuthumi, July 2, 2009


Tatyana Mickushina was granted the Mantle of the Great White Brotherhood in 2004 by Lord Surya.

Since then, she has received almost 500 Dictations and published over 60 books. Come and learn about the precious knowledge contained in Tatyana Mickushina’s books, including the overview of the situation on the planet and many others. 

Tatyana Mickushina will not be present at this event. It is being presented by volunteers/students of the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina. Further information can be found at