Healing Your Family Lineage

You Are NOT Your DNA

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

November 8, 2018
6pm - 8pm

Join Dr. Jaffe as he explores the subtle worlds where the subconscious becomes conscious and disease spontaneously can disappear

How can DNA, a self-replicating molecule composed of two coiled chains creating a double helix that carries our genetic development, function, and reproduction, not control or define us? Impossible, you say. Yes, it is possible, and the possibilities are limitless. Enter into the world of epigenetics, (the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself) and the true spiritual reality, to find your answer.  

Turning the genes on and off, and altering their expression to create or heal disease, is possible when one consciously changes their environment, thought process, emotions, stress, trauma, and beliefs.  

Heredity is definitely a factor in creating disease, but it is not the only factor.  Environment and belief also change DNA expression.  Beyond this is the Spiritual or Godly world which can create miraculous changes within.


• How to listen and communicate with your body, mind, soul and spirit which is essential to help facilitate the change for complete health.

• How to identify the KEY to all healing.

• Find the lineage lines within the subtle world where family disease is stored.

• Learn to heal the family lines and bring health to yourself and family.


Ibrahim Jaffe MD has pioneered Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH) worldwide. Medical Spiritual Healing integrates the secrets of Sufi Spiritual Healing with traditional western and complementary medicine. Over 100,000 people have received benefits from MSH Healers and professionals worldwide have been certified in these methods helping individuals uncover the psychological, emotional, and spiritual causes of their disease. Dr. Jaffe is Chancellor of the University of Medical Spiritual Healing. He is also a spiritual guide (Murshid Murabai Ruhi)  within the Sufi Tradition.  

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The University of Medical Spiritual Healing (UMSH) specializes in teaching a unified holistic approach to healing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual elements of disease. Anyone can learn these methods and all are welcome. The MSH University offers a three-year program in self-healing, professional certification and spiritual transformation. MSH incorporates 3 components: medical knowledge, subtle-energetic medicine, and spiritual awareness with connection to the Divine wisdom to heal disease and suffering.   For more info: