Healing Illness Through Spiritual Transformation

Why Western Medicine is Not Enough!

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe

November 10, 2018
1pm - 5pm

Discover the Ancient Healing Secrets for Modern Illnesses that really work!

Many people today suffer from illness, disease, and inner pain. Traditional methods are helpful but often ineffective. Today, people realize that inner pain, trauma, and stress often lead to disease. Dr. Jaffe MD, having studied ancient healing systems from around the world had discovered the secrets to real healing.

In his riveting workshop, Dr. Jaffe will address current immune disorders affecting so many of us today…these ‘modern illnesses’ can be treated by ancient Sufi healing methods. He will discuss Hashimoto’s, Lupus, and Chronic Fatigue, Panic Disorders, Lyme’s disease plus more.

Dr. Jaffe has designed a simple, three steps, innovative approach to healing illness that has helped thousands truly heal from all types of illness and serious disease: Medical Spiritual Healing.  MSH integrates well with other healing modalities as well. Following these three important steps can help you enhance your self-healing.

1. CONNECTION to the Divine Essence for guidance and support.  Your highest and most pure Inner spiritual guidance which originates from the Divine.

2. DISCOVERY of the suppressed inner realities and pain that cause disease. Tapping into the Divine to reveal the issues and root cause of a problem, disease or illness facilitating an increased ability to heal.

3. TRANSFORMATION of the inner reality of illness through Divine Love - the healing light that emanates from God; the light  that has the power to heal the root cause of the illness.  

Dr. Jaffe will challenge and explore your beliefs in this empowering, enlightening workshop such as:

1. Can I really heal myself of a life-threatening disease?

2. How can an illness be considered a gift?

3. If the Divine or God is the healer and I don’t believe in God, is recovery possible?

4. How does opening up to the light and accessing it, aid in disease recovery?