Goddess Heart:

A Heart & Energy Healing Workshop

Gwen Gaydos

February 13, 2019

Join me in a powerful heart healing, interactive workshop to help clarify what you really want love to look like in your life, what your love blocks are, how to get into your “love flow”, open your heart, and learn to give yourself the love you deserve! We will do some reconnecting with your inner, true self, your essence, the real you! I will also be sharing some very powerful essential oils that I have first- hand experience in helping heal physically AND emotionally.

By the end of the workshop you will know:

1.     What energy work is

2.     How to feel your own energy

3.     How to perform energy work

4.     To trust your intuition more fully

5.     How essential oils assist emotional healing

6.     What you really want in love

7.     What your love blocks are

8.     What the real you needs

9.     What it might feel like to have an open heart

You will also feel in your undeniable “Love Flow” and leave with a fabulous new Love Mantra, and probably a few new friends!

Prepare to be a love magnet.

Gwen Gaydos, Guide in Spiritual, Emotional, & Physical Healing & Soul Expansion, began her journey over two decades ago as a traditional Pharmacist. Her mission is to help you heal in body, mind, and spirit and expand futher than you could ever imagine.

Gwen loves healing with Vibrational Medicine, Reiki, Essential Oils, Crystal therapy, Yoga, and Meditation. Gwen also enjoys teaching others Reiki and guiding others to Soul Expansion privately, through her signature courses, and special events.