Erotic Emergence

Tantric Workshop for Women

Allison Holley & Monique Gomez

January 17, 2020

Join conscious sexuality coaches Allison and Monique in a 2 hour workshop as we guide you through an awakening of the senses.

Learn to raise your sexual vibration and embrace your innate and powerful sensuality, through guided practices of sacral self-massage, movement, meditation, and breathwork.

Designed to uplift and embody the sacred feminine, this workshop is open to all female-identifying individuals and yoni-owners

About Monique

Monique Gomez - Coach and educator of sexuality, spirituality, and self love, Monique is passionate about helping people connect to their true voice to live an exceptionally satisfying life. Monique believes in the power of intuition and intimate connection with self in order to have deeply pleasurable relationships with others.  

About Allison

Allison Holley is a conscious channel, bringing forward the energies of divine love and unconditional joy for this beautiful time of awakening. She serves others through her guidance in discovering their life purpose, developing intuition, and knowing ecstatic states of being through various practices. Her life’s mission is to activate others into their highest expression of self: radiant, ecstatic creators.