Energy Protection for Your Highly Sensitive / Empathic Self Workshop


Tara Wenig

April 6, 2019
2pm - 4pm
All forms of payment accepted at the door

Love for you to attend this interactive heart-centered healing workshop to help you

HEAL & PROTECT Your Energies

EMPOWER Your Highly Sensitive Self

AWAKEN Your Awareness of Subtle Energies

LOVE & LEARN How to Cope with Your Sensitivities

with Tara Wenig, MA, LMHC, NCC, DCEP, Intuitive Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Energy Psychology Healer

Energy Protection for Your Highly Sensitive / Empathic Self Workshop

Feeling tired, drained, anxious, unable to focus, and/or exhausted without an explanation? Do you have a friend, co-worker, or a family member that negatively effects you?  Do you know how to release their negative energies from you so they will not affect you anymore? Energetic Protection may be your answer.

Learning and understanding about Energy Protection is vital for your Highly Sensitive Self. Energy Protection is imperative and relatively simple in most cases, that blocks, clears, and heals negative energies, as well as, negative vibrations that may be around us.

What is a Highly Sensitive Individual?

A Highly Sensitive Individual uses their finely-tuned senses, intentional or non-intentional, and reacts to the subtle energies in their environment perceiving very deeply. Highly Sensitive Individuals are similar to sponges because they absorb everything. Many times it is hard to determine if it is your emotion and/or physical problem or if you energetically absorbed someone else's negative energies.

Any environment for a Highly Sensitive Individual can cause emotional and physical discomfort if unaware how to safely cope due to their very sensitive nervous system. Based on over 20 years of professional counseling, healing,  and personal experiences, Tara Wenig, MA, LMHC, NCC, DCEP has created the most effective, safe, and non-invasive healing techniques to help you without medication. They are energetically based healing your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.

Are you Highly Sensitive/Empathic?

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