Shamanic Healing for the Divine Feminine


Nikki Bridges

January 13, 2019
5pm - 6pm

We keep hearing terms like "Year of the Woman", when the reality is, we are already in a Divine Feminine shift, on a planetary level.. Not just for a year... Although, harnessing that power within, and utilizing it, to step fully into ourselves as Women, isn't always easy. So many of us were taught to be seen and not heard.Taught to stifle our rage, sadness and pain, instead of expressing those emotions.. This stifling of energy has created a disconnect, making it difficult to align with our Goddess Power... During this Women's Circle, Nikki will help to heal, cleanse and clear any stuck energy, that may be trapped within, through Shamanic Drumming and Vocal Toning, journaling, and holding space, in order to get to the root of what's keeping each of us back, from fully embracing our Divine Feminine Energy and Power...Sitting in circle is a powerful tool for release, and healing.. Combined with Shamanic Drumming, the effects can be transformative...


Nikki Bridges is a Reiki Master and Sound Therapist, specializing in Shamanic Healing and Chakra Balancing. She is both Irish, and Cherokee, and channels these powerful energies, during her healing sessions. In 2014, Nikki founded her company, Urban-Mysticism, creating a line of Aromatherapy Gem & Flower Essences, to help heal, balance and protect. She currently lives in Culver City.