Empowering you to Wholeness


Terica Wright

August 17, 2019
2pm - 4pm

You've been feeling deep down like it's time for a change. You know you can't keep carrying the weight of guilt, regret and shame. You have a deep yearning for more, but have no idea where to begin.

THIS IS YOUR SIGN! It's time! My mission is to guide others on a journey to wholeness and authenticity by facing those traumas and limiting beliefs and stepping into their soul's true calling. We all deserve to live an abundant, happy and fulfilled life!

In this intimate workshop, we will work through an intensive assessment of your life today, your heart's desire (AKA dream life) and the obstacles in-between. You will leave this workshop rejuvenated, hopeful and with a PLAN!

But wait...there's more! This is my life's work, my passion and my legacy. I am so committed to helping others transform their lives, I will also create a personalized 30 DAY ACTION PLAN for you!

You are worthy and deserving. You are infinitely loved and supported.
It’s time! You just have to decide to show up for YOU!


About Terica

I have a life-long history of breaking the status quo. I dropped out of high school at the age of 16, became a single mom at 21 and built an extremely successful career in Corporate Training and Leadership, including multiple Fortune 500 companies.

In 2012, my breakdown came at the loss of two loved ones nine days apart. I took inspired action from that place of darkness and radically transformed my life. Ultimately leading me to leave my small and comfortable life in the Pacific Northwest and move to Los Angeles, California.

My superpower is my emotional intelligence and passion for people. Since a young age, I have been a natural healer, intuitive and leader. Over the last two decades I have refined and mastered these talents. I now dedicate my time to empowering others to be a greater version of themselves through my Heart Space Coaching. My passion is empower you to wholeness. It's time to face your traumas, release the victim mindset and connect to your whole and authentic self. The one your soul was created for.