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Divine Love Tour


Shivananda Swamiji

May 15, 2019
5pm - 8pm
$30 - $40
Cash Only at the Door

Please join us in meeting Shivananda Swamiji, a modern day living saint and avatar, during his highly anticipated second return tour to the United States.

Describing the meeting with a great master is beyond words. What happens around Shivananda is an illustration of his incredible energy; many spontaneous miracles occur in his presence. Without knowing anything about him, people are unexplainably drawn to come over and meet Shivananda.

In his recent travels throughout India and Jerusalem, Shivananda has embodied the essence needed to fulfill his mission, namely leading souls to the sacred path through the deep awakening of the heart.

As his name suggests, Shivanada destroys with love, as he reflects to his students what they need to change in themselves in order to grow. He guides and encourages karma yoga, love in action through service. Meeting Shivananda is a unique experience not to be missed, and when hearts are open to his message of love, healing and transformation are inevitable.


Shivananda was born in the South of Italy, in the region of Puglia, on June 6th, 1975. From an early age, he already had extraordinary divine visions and experiences. Since childhood, Shivananda also had a deep connection with Mother Nature and the animal world, especially horses. Anahata Horse Healing, a technique he developed, is still an integral part of his mission today. Only recently, through the grace of the masters, his divine channels have opened in this lifetime. Shivananda helps guide you to open the door of your heart to infinitive love, while building your own courage, goodwill and faith.

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Satsang/Talk 5:00 - 6:45pm: $30 Heart donation (Cash only @ the door)

Group Healing 7:00 - 8:00pm: additional $10 cash if $30 was offered for Satsang, otherwise $40 for group healing only