Discover Karezza:

The Neuroscience of Connection

Evita Ramparte and Darryl & Mary Mead

June 25, 2019
6pm - 8pm

Discover what it takes to create a lasting, passionate committed relationship - in a completely different way than you have been taught.

Two Karezza Couples will be sharing their secrets of Karezza Lifestyle with you! Mary & Darryl from Scotland, and Shelby and Paul from Santa Barbara, CA. We are looking to inspire your Relationship and take your Connection to a whole new level!

About this Event

Have you noticed how many people are single, divorced and raising children alone? Many relationships are falling apart, and online dating doesn't work for most of us.

Whether you are tired of dating drama or struggle to keep your marriage together, modern day intimate relationships present many challenges that didn’t exist a few decades ago:

- Ghosting

- Courting nearly extinct

- Many people don’t want to commit

- Parenthood became far less appealing

- FOMO (fear of missing out)

- Porn addiction and infidelity…

And while many women still dream of being swept off their feet by Prince Charming who’s got a castle waiting for them, the modern dating prospects don’t even want to pay for a dinner. Is lasting romantic union “mission impossible?”

Here is a SHOCKING SECRET… what if the problem lies in HOW we make love or have sex.

Yes, those are two different things! Did you know that “Sex” comes from a Latin word which means “to separate?”

Imagine... Sexual energy is like yin or yang. What if mainstream media (and porn portals - let's say it!) are teaching you only one way - the Masculine Art. What if there is a totally different, ancient way of channeling your sexual energy??

We would like to invite you to consider a different way of making love - a Feminine Art that women enjoy and men can't get enough of..

DISCOVER KAREZZA - the Feminine Art of Love

- the best kept secret for maintaining desire

- the most beautiful way to touch, move and inspire

- the ancient secret of channeling your sexual energy

- ancient method for bio-hacking your brain performance

- the neuroscience of connection, bonding and intimacy

- the surest way to avoid divorce, drama and break-up

- the intimate method for rekindling and reviving your love life

- the gentle way of healing from sexual abuse and trauma


This event is for you if you are committed to going the distance whatever it takes, interested in high performance in all areas of life (especially your bedroom) and true freedom from addictions and limiting beliefs. You will truly enjoy the evening, if you are into critical thinking and questioning the way you have been programmed. You will be enchanted if you seek to create a love-life filled with deep connection and amazing erotic experiences.

RSVP Required. Limited Availability.

Bring an Open Mind.

About Evita

Evita Ramparte is an international Bestselling Author, Health Journalist, and Wellness Trendsetter. She helps men and women to achieve peak health and energy, and revive love in their relationships. She is a Kerezza Mystic, Health Expert and a trusted Spiritual Sensei to Celebrities, COEs and Athletes.

About Darryl & Mary Mead

Darryl had practiced tantra with his late wife. In 2011, now .a widower, he met Mary and learned Karezza. She had been searching for a man willing practice Karezza with integrity. Daryl was that man. They married a year later and now work together teaching and learning more about the science behind sex and love and how it works in practice.