Connect with your Inner Child


Katie Rikkers

February 12, 2019
6:30pm - 8pm

You may have heard of inner child work. You may have even done some. But here is your opportunity to connect fully and deeply with your child within. For those who are called to this work, it is the most direct path to healing the pain of childhood and becoming who we were always meant to be.

Do you have emotional reactions that don’t make sense to you? Do you ever feel suddenly sad, or angry, or overwhelmed without understanding why you feel this way? What is happening is your inner child is responding to old pain. To heal this pain, you need to go back to the child and meet them where they are.

In this workshop, we will start the process. What does our child want to say to us? How do we listen with our hearts? We can become the parent to ourselves, so that we grow up to be full, integrated and whole.


·      Develop the skills to hear your inner child; tune into their language

·      Begin a dialogue with your inner child

·      Recognize what your inner child needs & how to give it to them

·      Foster a long-lasting and loving relationship with them

·      Feel empowered & whole


Katie Rikkers is an intuitive healer. In her holistic approach, Katie uses her natural ability to communicate with inner children and higher selves. She leads clients to a deeper awareness of themselves and a return to their true and authentic nature.