Book Signing

Chinese Medicine for the Modern World


Douglas Kinh

May 11, 2019
3pm - 5:30pm

Let the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine teach you to replace the pathological habits of worrying, hurrying, and overeating with healthy habits. Get started on the road to lean, clean, and serene in this fascinating and life-changing two hours.

Investigate yin and yang, Eight Principles, Five Substances, the awesome role of self-trust, Hunger Awareness Training, Taoism 101, liver qi stagnation, heart heat, spleen damp, and a whole lot more. Be ready to have your mind blown.

Chinese Medicine for the Modern World, published this year by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., pursues three goals. The first is to make the language and theory of Chinese medicine the lingua franca of health care worldwide. User-friendly, universally applicable, and time-tested, Chinese medicine connects mind, body, and everything else into a rational picture that explains, predicts, prevents, and cures most of the unprecedented maladies of modern life.

The second goal is to support all holistic and preventative health care disciplines, including Chinese medicine, as they take over the field of health care while simultaneously restricting the emergency model to actual medical emergencies, heroic interventions, and laboratory research.

The third intention is to reform the way Chinese medical theory is taught, tested, and applied in our modern world, returning the discipline to its ancient principles.


E Douglas Kihn, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Wellness Coach, has three decades of clinical and teaching experience behind him. Retired acupuncturist and author of The Workbook of Chinese Herbs, Avoiding Death Indefinitely, and BodyTrust, Dr. Doug also produces a weekday morning show on YouTube called “BodyTrust Mornings.” He is an avid dancer (lindy swing and ballet), fitness trainer, writing coach, film producer, and world traveler. He can be reached through his website at