Chakra Empowerment for Women

Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness

Lisa Erickson

January 4, 2020

Join author Lisa Erickson for a New Year's talk on how to use your chakras to reset your energy body for the new year. She will discuss how the self-guided chakra techniques in her book can be used to aid healing from past trauma, particularly sexual trauma, empower healthy boundaries, and manifest from a a new mindset.

About the Book

Learn twelve groundbreaking chakra exercises designed on the feminine energy body to help you release limiting emotional patterns, move past trauma, empower boundaries, manifest goals, and thrive. These tools focus on challenges that women in particular often face on the subtle body level, and teaches you how to work with your chakras in the moment you need a particular energy or shift. Special sections in each chapter cover how a women's energy body shifts along with her life phases and cycles, and how sexual trauma in particular may impact the subtle body and how to heal from this. Featuring an eight-page, full-color insert with clarifying chakra figures, this essential guide presents a no-nonsense, easy-to-use approach to the chakras that helps you manifest your highest potential. Chakra Empowerment for Women supports your journey in practical ways as you recover the energy of your empowered self.

About the Author

LISA ERICKSON (Los Angeles, CA) is a chakra-based energy worker, writer, and teacher specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing. She is certified in mindfulness meditation instruction and trauma sensitivity, and has trained with world-renowned energy intuitive and best-selling author Cyndi Dale. She is a member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors, the American Holistic Health Association, the Energy Medicine Practitioners Association, and The Breathe Network, a non-profit dedicated to supporting holistic healing for sexual trauma survivors. She is also the creator of the popular DailyOM course Awakening Your Feminine Chakras. Visit her at