Chakra Clearing for Abundance


Sam Aldaco

January 27, 2020
6:30pm - 8pm
$25 General / $20 Bring a Friend

Did you know you can optimize your chakras to help you make more money?

Your chakras channel light throughout your body. As we go through life, our chakras tend to stagnate as energy gets trapped there. This affects our ability to manifest the things we want, such as love and abundance.

In this workshop I will guide you to connect to the light, clear your chakras, and bring in lots of high vibrational energies such as love, joy, and peace! Start off your year with feeling abundant now!

Life shouldn't be stressful, it should be fun! Life isn't always going to be perfect, but our thoughts and energies have an impact on how we feel as well as what we attract. If we're feeling at ease and at peace right now, it adds to our ability to feel more ease and peace in the future. What's the solution? Clear the stress! Then bring in the vibes of what you really want, such as love and light, and start manifesting an easier and more peaceful life.

Did you know abundance is a vibe you can connect to at any moment? It is from this space that manifestations start happening really quickly. Are you looking to make more money? Be in better health? Create more love and better relationships? Do you want to be more spiritually connected, more psychic, more powerful? All of that is about being abundant, which is being who you truly are. Fill in with the vibe of abundance and you will find yourself in the flow. You can have whatever it is you want in the world, as long as you love yourself enough to have it.

  • Learn the basics of chakra clearing
  • Transform your chakras
  • Feel more connected

All skill levels are welcome regardless of whether or not you have worked with the chakras before. In this workshop we will align your chakras to the flow of abundance so you can start feeling and being the vibe of what you want in life.

SPECIAL: Sign up by Sunday, January 19th, 2020 and receive a FREE 25-min remote private session to be redeemed within 30 days of the event.