Cacao & Connection


Hannah Marie Muse & Josh Crews

July 14, 2019
6pm - 8pm
$33 - $43
$33 Presale / $43 Day of

Join Hannah Marie Muse, with special guest Josh Crews, on a tantric cacao & sound healing journey that will open your heart, get you connected to your bodies wisdom, and leave you feeling so deeply fulfilled and nourished through intimate and authentic connections within your community. Ride the wave of your breath into deeply healing states of consciousness and then Ride the wave of crystal bowls into clarity!

Cacao is a sacred and gentle plant medicine that activates the bliss molecule and supports harmony within your mind, body, and spirit. Known as a tool to open the heart, using this medicine in tandem with tantric practices will open you to the truth of who you are — and then share that truth with your friends through interactive authentic relating games so that you can embody the qualities of your highest self. Integrate all the juiciness with a sound healing meditation to drift you into a higher plane of existence and keep you there even as you leave this ceremony.

This month we focus on gently melting through any armor around the heart from past experiences as you allow yourself the gift of living in the perfect present moment! Imagine living life from a new and higher perspective anchored in compassion and love.

If you’re curious about white tantra, desire deeper connections in your life, and are looking to live from your heart in peace, ease, and grace — this event is for you!


Hannah Marie Muse is known for her work as a Sacred Priestess, Modern Muse, and Yoga Instructor in areas spanning Bali to Bangkok, Austin to Miami. What do these titles mean exactly? It means her mission is to connect people with their body, mind, and spirit in the most authentic and juicy way using the most basic tools: breath, movement, sound, intention, and nature. She uses her intuition and expertise to help others embody divine self love. Embracing vulnerabilities at every turn, Hannah Marie teaches pristine presence within communities, family, friends, and professionals in both individual and group sessions. See and be seen, celebrate and be celebrated, her workshops will have you leaving with your head held higher, your heart more open than when you entered, and with new ways of communicating your truth clearly and compassionately.


Josh Crews comes from a background of art & music, and has adopted mediation and healing practices as a way to support himself coming into deeper states of awareness. He loves to facilitate these ethereal and expanding journeys in order to support others in aligning to the qualities of life they wish to embody.  Knowing how powerfully music and art has affected his own life, he is blessed to share these powerful sound waves with others in prayerful desire that you too are able to manifest your dreams and live the life of your dreams.

Please purchase in advance so the Cacao Priestess can plan ahead with ample cacao for the evening.

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For questions text or call Hannah Marie at 219-242-2100