Cacao Ceremony & Inner Poetry Musings


Hannah Marie Muse & Adi Marie

August 25, 2019
4pm - 6pm
$25 - $35
$25 Presale / $35 After 8/21

Join Hannah Marie Muse, with special guest Adi Marie, on a tantric cacao journey that will open your heart, get you connected to your bodies wisdom, and leave you feeling so deeply fulfilled and nourished through intimate and authentic connections within your community.

Then ride the wave your authenticity into writing and poetry prompts that will get you into a state of creativity and sensuality. Your voice is important, we want to hear it. You are creative, beautiful, and exciting -- let's witness you share your art.

Cacao is a sacred and gentle plant medicine that activates the bliss molecule and supports harmony within your mind, body, and spirit. Known as a tool to open the heart, using this medicine in tandem with tantric practices will open you to the truth of who you are — and then share that truth with your friends through interactive authentic relating games and poetic prompts so that you can embody the qualities of your highest self. Integrate all the juiciness with an opportunity to share your poetry with the group.

This month we focus on letting your inner muse shine as you melt away any fear and anxieties around sharing your creative beauty. Using the power of poetry you can manifest and create whole worlds. We will offer prompts and exercises to get your creativity flowing.

If you’re curious about white tantra, desire deeper connections in your life, and are looking to live from your heart in peace, ease, and grace — this event is for you!

About Hannah // @FullSpectrumFeminine

Hannah Marie Muse is known for her work as a Sacred Priestess, Modern Muse, and Yoga Instructor in areas spanning Bali to Bangkok, Austin to Miami. What do these titles mean exactly? It means her mission is to connect people with their body, mind, and spirit in the most authentic and juicy way using the most basic tools: breath, movement, sound, intention, and nature. She uses her intuition and expertise to help others embody divine self love. Embracing vulnerabilities at every turn, Hannah Marie teaches pristine presence within communities, family, friends, and professionals in both individual and group sessions. See and be seen, celebrate and be celebrated, her workshops will have you leaving with your head held higher, your heart more open than when you entered, and with new ways of communicating your truth clearly and compassionately.

About Adi // @ahtheemaree

Adi Marie: Sacred, Sovereign - Creation itself. These are the tenants of a life well lived. At least it is so for this primal woman. Artist, dancer, actress, poet - whisperer with the elements and beings with whom we share this world. Theres a power, unprecedented, when we come into the unmitigated expression of self; it is from there we weave the unified verse of our worlds as the cosmological tapestry. Every moment is unique, each meeting its own- and every offering of service a gift to be experienced. Adi Marie offers touch as a sacred tool of co-creation; with 9 years as a bodyworker; she kneads through the stories we've saturated into our earthen clay and flesh. Leading medicine journeys and deep communions with nature a lifetime of cultivated magic is shared and awakened. We are here as resonant frequencies, tuning each other, and the world through our interactions. How best do you enliven your magic?