Bhakti Meditation & Intuitive Mathematics


Adam Wes

November 13, 2018
6pm - 8pm

Hosted by Adam Wes, The Bhakti Math Guru, founder of The Heart Of Mathematics Education (HOME)

Come and share an evening of love, light, and lucidity with our community of heart-centered spiritual intellectuals. Develop a well-structured mind and pure heart with an intuitive form of mathematics that integrates meditation and the wisdom of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of becoming more conscious through Love. In one evening, both activate your heart chakra with Bhakti Yoga meditation and get lucid on Intuitive Mathematics!

Intuitive Mathematics is all about the direct perception of mathematical elegance. In Intuitive Mathematics, we seek to see mathematical truths as self-evident and incontrovertible in an instantaneous perception of one singular movement. We call this Gestalt Perception, which is seeing math without fragmentation, proof, or mechanical technique. Intuitive Mathematics helps you experience mathematical elegance and beauty directly so that you can become the math, embody mathematics, expand your subjective experience of the universe, and develop a well-structured crystal-like mind. In turn, a well-structured mind provides you with order so that you can let go and access the heart more deeply in meditation. Together, the practice helps you to transcend thought and move into a deeper space of love. Through this form of mathematics, we seek to find union with God, the eternal, and enlightenment.

The gathering starts with a 15 minutes meditation followed by one to one and a half hours of mathematics and closes with 15 minutes of meditation and social time. No prior mathematical ability required. Kids and adults are both welcome!

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