Become a Love Magnet


Daydree Horner

April 21, 2018
4pm - 5pm

Back by popular demand: "Become a Love Magnet" and attract what you really want in a partner! Discover your WHY and how it relates to attaining your true desires in relationship. Understand the importance of core beliefs and how they play a major role in who we draw into our lives. Also, learn the key to changing these core beliefs in order to manifest who we truly desire. Finally, gain tips on dating and the male/female dynamic of communication. Daydree Horner is your Good Love Coach.


Daydree Horner is the Good Love Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Life Coach at MyOshun. Her goal is to help people create the ideal environment for personal transformation to occur, where they envision and can manifest the life they truly desire. Her business offers services that help mindfully assist individuals access their own healing, success, transformation and ultimate joy. Daydree is featured as an Inspiring Entrepreneur in VoyageLA magazine. MyOshun offers Reiki, Couples Reiki, Certified Life Coaching, The Good Love™ Coaching, and à la carte Dating Services such as, Virtual Love Assistant and Goddess Party. Her warm, enthusiastic and focused approach helps clients disarm fear, access their gold within and connect to inner joy. Daydree Horner practices in Santa Monica, CA.