Awaken Your Intuition with Yoga and the Tarot


Natasha Senkovich

December 4, 2019
6:30 - 8pm

Deepen your connection to your inner guidance by activating your 3rd Eye, or forehead Chakra, by bridging well-known spiritual systems that have been around for centuries.

In this workshop you will learn how to activate & balance your chakra’s through yoga and intentional movement, and begin to receive your intuitive messages more clearly. You will also learn how Tarot cards can help you interpret that guidance into information that you can use.

  • Learn how the Tarot cards correspond and clarify the Chakra system
  • Learn how you can balance your energetic field and your Chakra’s to shift your reality
  • Understand why intuition doesn’t always seem to “work”
  • Learn how Tarot cards can help interpret the messages received
  • Learn how to use the Chakra’s to create your future (rather than predict it)

Have you ever wondered why your intuitive voice is so strong at times, and not so strong on other occasions? Or why you feel so good after a good yoga class (or after you create movement and flow)? There is a connection between intentional movement and the flow of intuitive information. Moving your body will unblock and clear your chakra’s, which will in turn free up the flow of your intuitive messages, as well as your body wisdom.

Please bring a mat and a towel (as a knee cushion) with you, because we will have a short yoga/movement session as part of the workshop. If you have a deck of Tarot cards, bring them as well. Come prepared to move your body, activate your intuition, and have a good time!

**Please bring a sweater or a jacket!


Natasha is a professional yoga and pilates instructor who also teaches the Tarot, and she loves reading Turkish coffee cups. As she became more immersed in yoga, she discovered that after a yoga class that her intuitive voice and her readings became clearer and more accurate.

She is also a Pranic Healer and a certified Theta Healer who has worked with entrepreneurs, celebrities, and businesses. She loves helping others find their own connection to their inner guidance.